Holistic Weight Management

There are various reasons people struggle with extra weight. Sometimes it is not even within their control, as certain medical conditions and medications, stress and illness can cause weight gain over a short period of time.
It is never easy to lose weight. It requires commitment and discipline. That first step is always the hardest. Beyond anything else, it also takes some support to get you on the right track. If you are ready to begin your weight loss journey toward a healthier lifestyle, we at Shens Medical are ready to help you out.

What is our holistic weight loss program?

We believe that the number shown on the scale should never be the real focus of a weight loss journey. Especially at Shens Medical, we are all about empowerment for positive change. What this means is that we will work with you through consultation and treatments to enable you to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Such an approach lends itself to better results, more sustainable outcomes and a healthier weight for the client.

What we focus on

We believe that a healthy weight loss journey involves more than just strict diets and tough workouts. Rather, it is a coordinated effort of many things, including treatments and lifestyle changes that work in unison to meet the needs of the individual and the goals they have set for themselves.

Every program is strictly individual

Every person is unique and has different needs. Weight gain can be the result of many factors and how each of them has impacted one individual. Because we believe this to be true, we assess each person individually. There is a combination of factors like lifestyle, health condition, personal preferences and desired outcome. You can take full advantage of our program whether you are interested in just losing a few kilos or if you want to shed a lot more.

First and foremost, we do a consultation with the client. When you first enlist our aid with the holistic weight loss program, we will do a consultation with you. Our doctor will assess your current weight status, medical conditions and personal goals.
Next comes the step in which we create a personalised weight loss plan. Based on all of the previously gathered information, our experts will devise a weight loss plan that reflects the best approach to reaching the weight goals of the client. For us, it is imperative that we help you in a way that doesn’t force you into behaviours you don’t like or stress you so much that you hate the process. The end goal is to help you develop new habits and a healthier lifestyle that makes you a better person.
Another important aspect of our holistic weight loss program lies in the follow-up consultations we do. The idea is to provide you, as our client, with the necessary updates on how to continue with the course and to introduce necessary adjustments, if there is a need for such. This will allow you to benefit the most from the program and help you reach the set goals in the most effective and stress-free manner.  

Transform Your Body and Achieve Sustainable Results

All our programs are professionally designed

If you appreciate quick results, then the treatment is right for you. Whether you are interested in losing weight or just improving your muscle strength, we at Shens Medical are here to support you on your journey. Using the Wonder Body Sculpting treatment will allow you to look and feel your best with minimal effort. Book your consultation now and let us take care of the rest!
It is safe to say our contouring treatment is ideal for anyone that values their time and wants to take advantage of our sophisticated technology to reach their goals. We can help people who want to lose weight and burn fat in key areas of their bodies. We can also aid in building muscle for those that wish to achieve more toned contours and improve their fitness.

Individuals with different body types are welcome to try the treatment. It is effective in many cases where other treatments have failed or simply proven to be less desirable.

Why Choose Us?

Shens Medical Aesthetics is committed to delivering high-quality customised treatments tailored to our patients' needs and aesthetic goals. We take pride in our ownership, attentiveness and responsibility for the consistent delivery of our medical aesthetic treatments.

Helmed by Dr Shens (Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu), a professionally Korean-trained plastic surgeon who has more than 20 years of experience and more than 5000 cases completed, Shens Medical Aesthetics aims to inspire confidence in one that shines both inside and outer.


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