Fotona Light Peel

With age, the skin cells begin to lose moisture and collagen production comes to a halt. Environmental factors like sun exposure also contribute to wrinkles, irregularities in the texture of the face and sunspots.

At Shens Medical we help our clients deal with all this thanks to our Fotona Light Peel service. This is a delicate superficial laser peel that works great for the reduction of signs of ageing around the neck and face area.

What is Fotona Light Peel?  

This procedure uses a handheld device to exfoliate the skin. With Fotona Laser Peel, we can target the topmost layer only, or we can do a deep peel. It is a gentle process, with the laser removing as little as 4-50 microns of the epidermis. The goal is to improve skin regeneration and ensure a healthier and youthful appearance.
The treatment is also ideal for working those fine lines, pigmentation spots, wrinkles and imperfect tone/texture of the skin. Additionally, it can aid with enlarged pores. Because the laser has heating properties that penetrate deep, it works to stimulate collagen production for a regenerative effect.

Fotona Peel

Is there a pre-treatment process?

Before we proceed with the treatment for our patients, we schedule a consultation first. That way we know how to best approach the situation, in order to help a person achieve the best result for them. This also gives us a chance to discuss potential risks and health concerns that the patient may have. We then recommend some basic care tips before the treatment itself:

  • Preparing the skin with topical cleansers
  • Minimising sun exposure and skipping tanning
  • Adjusting medication if need be

How it works

First, in order to reduce patient discomfort, we will apply a topical numbing cream to the area we are about to treat. Our dermatologist will then move a handheld device over the skin, releasing energy in the targeted areas. There may be very slight but tolerable discomfort. A session takes from 15 to 40 minutes, based on the size of the area we are treating and the treatment plan chosen before that.

Post-treatment recommendations

Most people only feel a slight sunburn-like sensation for a few days after the treatment and experience light peeling. This can be remedied with some emollient treatments that keep the skin barrier and improve healing. We recommend not exercising and coming into contact with animals for a few days after treatment.

Any side effects of the treatment should resolve quickly. Light skin irritation, swelling and redness are very common. If the side effects are severe, don’t hesitate to contact us back.

The benefits of Fotona Light Peel

  • Clears away dead skin cells leading to a glowing face
  • Reduces the number of skin surface imperfections
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged spores
  • Addresses pigmentation of the skin
  • Improves the skin tone and texture for a smoother feel
  • Works in great combination with other treatments
  • Improves the production of collagen

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