Rejuran Scar Healing

Scars can spoil the appearance of an individual on many levels, especially on the face. Oftentimes, scars are left after acne treatment, but there is a way to address them. At Shens Medical we have just the right treatment for that. It comes in the form of Rejuran Scar Healing.

Rejuran S has a very high concentration of polynucleotide (PN). The goal is to get it into the dermis where it can start repairing collagen and restoring the skin cells.

How does Rejuran S work?

The polymeric nucleotides extracted from salmon DNA are what the typical Rejuran treatment is known for. The high concentration of PN makes it ideal for treating depressed scars by plumping them up. It boosts the skin’s natural collagen production and healing processes. It is more viscous than the regular Rejuran, making it a better filling-up treatment for acne scars.

Rejuran s (subcision)

What is the procedure we follow?

First, we take our clients for a consultation with an expert. The goal is to make an accurate assessment of their condition and the scars they want to treat. This gives us a chance to create the most optimal treatment regime for their needs.

As part of the treatment, we apply numbing cream topically to the treated area. After it takes effect, we do a subcision and inject the Rejuran S into the area of the scar. The subcision only affects scar tissue and aberrant collagen, which opens up the way for the polynucleotide to do its magic and start healing normal collagen. We recommend several treatments for optimal results.

Downtime and safety

There can be a little swelling, bruising, redness and skin lumpiness after the treatment. Our clients report that these symptoms are mild and subside within a week after the treatment.

Benefits of Rejuran S

  • Able to remove scars permanently – the goal of Rejuran S is to target depressed scars and enhance the healing process within the skin. It works on the skin at its DNA level. The process is gradual and it leads to long-lasting results.
  • The treatment process is natural – Rejuran S is regarded as a natural method for treating scars. Unlike other treatments, like dermal fillers, it works to stimulate collagen production and heal the skin from within. It is fully bio-compatible with the human body.
  • Little downtime – the recovery period for Rejuran S is minimal. Our patients can return to work and resume daily activities right after the treatment. It is not an invasive procedure and does not trigger a negative immune response.
  • It can heal ice pick scars – ice pick scars are very difficult to heal. They are deep, narrow and depressed. Rejuran S boosts collagen production, which is needed for the healing of scars and acne wounds. In that way, thanks to the treatment, the skin can be restored and healed.
  • It is a versatile treatment – Rejuran S can target different types of scars. More than that, it can be used alongside other products as part of a holistic scar treatment protocol.

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