Bespoke Scar Treatment

Scarring is a normal part of the skin healing process. It occurs as a result of accidents, diseases, skin conditions, and surgeries. Despite being permanent, scars may improve and fade over a period of 2 years, depending on the nature and severity of the injury. After which, it is unlikely to recover anymore.
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Acne Scar

Acne scars formed when a breakout penetrates the skin deeply and damages the tissues beneath it. This is a very common problem, since up to 30% of acne cases can end in some form of scarring.

How to remove the scar?

The good news is that there are different modalities that can improve scars, including laser treatments, fillers, or radiofrequency, among others. Our bespoke scar treatment offers a combination of treatments to suit individual needs. It boasts Rejuran S, Secret RF, and various laser procedures.

Rejuran Scar

Rejuran S is a skin booster that delivers a series of polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) injections into the skin. PDRN consists of DNA polymers from 50 to 2,000 nucleotides, also called polynucleotide (PN). Isolated from salmon, it’s a highly biocompatible substance, which explains why the body responds so well to it.
Numerous clinical experiments have shown an excellent effect of PN on cell growth and tissue regeneration. Rejuran products target hydration and rapid rejuvenation of the skin, both the outermost and deeper layers.
Rejuran S is thicker and more concentrated than Rejuran Healer which makes it more effective for scarring. Like other treatments, it promotes collagen production.

Secret RF

Secret RF Duo combines radiofrequency with microneedling and a non-ablative laser that can be fine-tuned to target stretch marks and scars, as well as other skin issues. The treatment easily adapts to different depths of the skin in order to get the job done.
It works by creating micro-wounds in the skin that trigger the body’s self-healing mechanism. The microneedles provide precisely controlled radiofrequency, thus minimising damage to the nearby tissues.
When it comes to the laser, it works on the deep layers of the skin, bypassing the surface. Because of that, Secret RF Duo offers a shorter downtime spanning a day or two. There is less bruising and redness in the skin overall.


There are different types of laser that we may utilise to get rid of a scar. The most common is the CO2 laser which removes the top layer of the skin to produce healthy new tissue. It also penetrates the middle layers of the skin, tightening and softening it, to the required depth. The great thing about it is that the procedure is effective even on deep and relatively large scars.
The CO2 laser treatment is totally personalised, since it works with a computer that allows the doctor to choose the appropriate parameters for each patient. Our doctors select the power and the time based on the type, shape, and size of the lesion.

Acne Scar Treatment?

Before starting our treatment, there are many considerations to make, so we recommend that you consult with one of our specialists. To determine the intensity and depth of the treatment, the type of scar will be taken into account according to its appearance.

For example, you may be dealing with a raised scar (hypertrophic scar), an indented scar (atrophic scars), or a keloid (when there is excess tissue). The colour of the lesion will also be analysed to determine if it is whitish (hypopigmented) or reddish (hyperpigmented). And finally, we will take into account how it originated and where it is located.

Reduce the Appearance of Scars
Smooth out Skin Irregularities
Fill Up Scar Indentation
Restore Skin Suppleness
Reconstruct Tissue
Before we recommend one of our treatments, we would like to know about your overall health; thus we will take your medical history to make sure you are fit for this programme.

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