Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation in different forms has been the go-to treatment for many individuals craving to add more volume to their lips. Thanks to such treatment, people can get a youthful appearance and a boost in confidence thanks to a solution to their thin lips.

Lips contribute to the overall look because they add expression to one's face. The lips are one of the more attractive facial features that one has. That is why achieving fuller lips is now possible with the aid of many treatments, some of which we have specialised in at Shens Medical.

What is lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is an in-office cosmetic procedure that a doctor performs. The goal of it is to provide the patient with plumper lips as well as a more beautiful look of the mouth area.

There are various lip augmentation methods and it is important to consider one's options fully before committing to the process. Some of the methods are non-surgical and involve fillers injected into the lips to give them volume. Others are more about making small incisions for a longer-lasting effect.

Benefits of non-surgical lip fillers procedures

Lip fillers are just one of the more popular lip augmentation procedures that are minimally invasive. There are a few benefits of lip fillers, also known as dermal fillers:

  • Thanks to lip fillers, patients get sexier, thicker, and fuller lips.
  • Better lip definition after injection of the fillers along the vermilion borders (lip borders).
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers contribute to moisturised and hydrated lips.
  • Lip fillers stimulate collagen production, which in turn contributes to fewer wrinkles and younger-looking lips.
  • Lip fillers restore the balance of the lips and the upper lip to lower lip proportion.
  • It is possible to enhance certain parts of the lips, such as the cupid's bow and philtrum.

Lip Augmentation and Enhancement Treatment at Shens Medical:

Fotona Cherry Lips Plumping Treatment

For patients that require immediate results without injectables, the Fotona Cherry Lips Plumping Treatment is the best option. It is a non-invasive method that aims to stimulate collagen production in the lips. After a few treatments, the results of fullness, plumpness and balance between the upper and lower lip become obvious. It is also great for a better-defined vermilion border.

This method relies on laser energy to stimulate the natural production of collagen. It ensures plump limps without the bruising and swelling of other possible options.

Other Lip Augmentation and Enhancement treatments in Singapore

Fat Grafting

Fat transfer is an alternative to getting a lip filler or implant. It involves the process of harvesting faт from another area of the body (usually the abdomen), purifying it and then doing fat injections to the lips. Fat transfer is a longer-lasting procedure with results persisting for several years.

Lip Fillers

Injectable fillers (HA fillers) are a popular option for everyone looking to improve lip volume. There are various types of lip filler injections that one can choose from, such as Juvederm Ultra, though most fillers involve hyaluronic acid. The procedure always starts with a consultation with a doctor, who may recommend stopping herbal supplements and smoking for a few days. Before they initiate the lip filler treatment, they will check the facial anatomy as well as the symmetry of the lips, to determine the best lip implant.

The doctor consults the patient on what lip filler is best and then proceeds with lip injections using very fine needles. The procedure itself lasts about 30 minutes. Before applying a lip filler, doctors often use numbing cream or ice packs because the mouth and lips of a person are sensitive areas. Hyaluronic acid fillers last about 6-8 months so they are not a permanent solution.

There aren't many side effects to such treatment, but some patients report swelling, bruising and slight bleeding from the injection sites. It is very rare for severe complications to occur after injections of a filler, like blocking a blood vessel or an allergic reaction.

Lip Lift

A lip lift is a more permanent solution, which involves the removal of skin between the nose and the upper lip. With a shorter distance, the upper lip rolls outward for a more volumised look. There are some variations of the procedure, which involve lifting the corners of the lips. Thanks to the procedure, the vermillion border becomes raised and the lips are more defined. There is some recovery time involved as with any surgical process.

Lip Implants

Unlike lip fillers, lip implants are a more permanent solution. The doctor determines what sort of implant and what size is best for the patient. It is an in-office procedure involving sterilising the skin around the lips and applying a local anaesthetic. When the lips are completely numb, the doctor makes an incision at each corner of the mouth.

They make a tunnel in the lips, which follows their natural shape and curves. Then, the implants are inserted under the lip fat and just above the lip muscles. Patients may experience mild discomfort for a few days after the procedure, as well as some swelling and bruising till the skin heals.

What is the best lip enhancement procedure for me?

Finding the right procedure for yourself is a matter of working with an experienced doctor. They will consider all of the factors and come up with a low-risk treatment that causes as little discomfort as possible. Whether it be a lip filler for greater lip volume and better lip shape, or other lip products depends on your needs and requirements.

What lip enhancement treatments are available in Singapore?

There are several options for those looking to achieve sexy lips or fix their uneven lips in Singapore. Lip fillers are one of the most common lip treatments that people resort to. Fillers involve an injection of hyaluronic acid meant to plump up and add volume to the lips.

How to plump lips without botox?

Adding a lip filler is a great way for individuals in good health to get plump and more defined lips without the use of Botox. It is a procedure that is minimally invasive and comes with a quick recovery time and very low risks of swelling and bruising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does lip augmentation last?

Lip fillers are only semi-permanent and it is important to have realistic expectations about them. They last about 12-16 months.

What is the difference between lip augmentation and lip fillers?

Lip fillers are a quick, low-risk and quick way to get a lip look enhancement. They are a temporary and inexpensive option. Lip augmentation is a more involved process that is more expensive but provides a more dramatic and more permanent outcome.

What is natural lip augmentation?

The most popular filler type involves Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in the body. It can be injected in the upper or lower lip to add definition. Any filler lasts about 12 months after which a new procedure is necessary.

How much do lip fillers cost in Singapore?

Getting lip fillers in Singapore will cost you anywhere between $600 and $1200 per treatment. The price is determined based on the amount of filler that the doctor used, the brand of the filler injections and the expertise of the doctor.

What is the best lip enhancement procedure?

Lip fillers are among the most popular procedures because they are more affordable and minimally invasive.

How long does lip enhancement last?

A lip filler usually lasts about 12 to 16 months, and then a new treatment is necessary to renew the results.

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